The Gate is Dan Peck (tuba/compositions), Tom Blancarte (upright bass), and Brian Osborne (percussion). Based in New York, they have released 6 albums and completed 3 international tours since 2008. The music of The Gate is an amalgam of free jazz, ambient noise, and metal, reflecting the musical interests of each band member. Peck's compositions serve equally as stand-alone pieces and improvisational structures, blurring the distinction between form and content resulting in a real-time reactive sound-sculpture. The concept to have a bass-heavy band was born both as an expression of love for low, muddy textures and a reaction against the stereotypical horn-fronted ensemble. The tuba and bass deliberately get in each other's way, giving the illusion of dizzying polyrhythms, often elevating the percussion into a high melodic sensibility. The busier moments of a Gate concert are usually complemented by slow, grinding noise-scapes, utilizing silence asa constructive element.
Of their 2014 LP Stench, Dan Sorrells of Free Jazz Blog says: "In a way, Stench embodies a strain of aural nihilism that most metal bands should be jealous of." The Wire magazine (Issue 344) on Vomit Dreams (2012 CD): "The range of textures each player produces is impressive enough, but the invention and skill they bring to the task of combining their individual instrumental voices is breathtaking. They are great at allowing their scrapings and scuttlings to coalesce magically into growling riffs and malevolent low-register thunder, bridging the hitherto unspanned void between Don Cherry’s Mu and early Swans." A review by Rainer Schmidt of their 2014 concert at Bunker Ulmenwall in Bielefeld, Germany describes: "Drummer Brian Osborne plays fluently around an imaginary pulse on his drum heads and cymbals; a collection of metal singing bowls at his side await their use. Bassist Tom Blancarte floats bowed notes, then strums the strings with both hands. The tuba adds distorted sounds, rich in overtones. The players exploit the physicality of the low instruments, producing high intensity without ear-numbing volume."
The absolution of pure evil manifests itself in the resurrection of the undead. Womb breeds life and earth breeds death. The Gate has been opened.